How To Last Longer In Bed

Hi. I’m Dan. And here I’ll outline the plan I use to teach guys how to last longer in bed.

7 Easy Ways To Last Loger In Bed

As a sexual health coach, I specialize in teaching guys how to develop ejaculatory control and here I’ll show you the exact steps to take to start lasting longer in bed right now.

What you’ll learn here is different to other “how to last longer in bed” advice you will see online. This is not a fluffy article to make you feel better for 5 minutes. This is the stuff that is working for men right now.

There’s a lot here, so I’ve broken up everything I’ll show you into 7 parts.

The 7 Steps To Lasting Longer In Bed

  1. Instant cool down tricks and techniques
    • The TBP Method
    • The Snooze Button
  2. How to develop the right mindset
    • Developing Confidence
    • Communication
  3. Breathing the right way before and during intercourse
  4. How to read you sexual response system and take action
  5. The nuts and bolts of ejaculatory training
    • Standard Kegels Vs Controlled Kegels
    • Edging The EF way
  6. How to read the signals and use the right sexual technique
  7. How to get in the zone every time (Advanced)

These are the raw methods taken straight from my Ejaculation Freedom Program. Though all the information here is totally free.

Here’s How You Can Last Longer In Bed

I’ll be showing you 2 instant cool down techniques that you can put into action tonight. I’ll also show you how to breath the right way in bed, and explain the best positions and sexual techniques to use to last longer tonight.

Then I’ll run you through 3 training techniques for your ejaculatory muscles and show you an easy way to stop those negative thoughts sabotaging your efforts to last longer.

I’ll wrap it up by showing you a more advanced method of getting in the zone during sex. Hint: this is the key to lasting in bed during those hard pounding sessions you’ve probably been missing out on.

There’s a lot here, so let’s get into it…

Note: For the next section I will speak to you as if you are one of my clients. For no other reason that that’s what I’m used to and therefore the best way to explain the following methods to you.

1. Instant Cool Down Tricks and Techniques

Cool down your ejaculation system with specific techniques

A great place to start is to learn some instant cool down methods. These are specific actions you can perform that will cool your system and bring you back from the dreaded point of no return.

We’ll learn these methods first because they are great at giving you an extra bit of confidence.

Most guys who cant last begin to panic during sex as they feel themselves losing control and I’m betting you do this too. But once you have a few instant cool down techniques up your sleeve, you’ll do this a lot less.

Note: These are a temporary “insurance policy” to cover you as you start out. Once you start working on the more powerful skills and methods I’ll show you and get more ejaculatory control you wont need to use any of these methods at all.

I teach 10 separate instant cool down techniques in the full program but here I’ll explain two of them. They are both easy to learn and you can start using them effectively straight away.

1. The TBP Method

The TBP has been used by all my private clients and it’s super easy to learn so you can put it into action tonight.

TBP stands for Tongue – Back – Push. Use it when you start to feel your arousal level rising but before you reach the point of no return (PONR).

There’s 3 parts to it. Here’s what to do:

Run the tip of your tongue in a circular motion around the roof of your mouth. You can keep your mouth closed, so your partner wont even notice you doing it. It may tickle slightly. This may seem a bit weird but stick with me. I’ll explain why it works in a tick.

At the same time run your hands up and down your partner’s back in long even strokes. Go all the way up to her shoulders and down to her lower back (but avoid her butt).

If you are in a position where you cannot reach her back (such as missionary) rub your hands up and down her lower legs (think knees down) and her side. Really tune in to how her skin feels. This should be your prime focus.

The final part is to push your PC Muscle out. Push out as though you are passing a bowl movement. Visualize yourself pushing out and releasing all the tension within. Hold for about 5 seconds and then release. Relax for 5 seconds and repeat.

Feel free to make small changes and experiment depending of what feels right for you. The key is that you broaden the spectrum of the sensation you are focusing on.

Why it works:

Most guys have a much too narrow focus during sex. And they forget about all the other sensations they are experiencing. What this trick does is brings you out of this state.

The push part also helps you remove tensions form the muscles within your pelvic area.

I guess you could call this an anti distraction method. Yes, it distracts you from only focusing on your genitals. But it keeps you in the moment.

Note: I never recommend the distraction method were guys are told to start counting or imagine something disgusting . This method is repeated on almost every bit of online info out there and it’s one of the worst things you can do.

The PBT method is great because your partner wont notice you doing anything, apart from the extra attention paid to her back, which she will enjoy.

2 : The Snooze Button

The second technique I’ll show you is one to be saved for the very last line of defense. And it involves manually stopping you body’s ejaculation.

Before we start You’ll need to recognize the difference between orgasm and ejaculation.

Despite what most guys assume, these are two separate physical actions, and while they often occur together, they don’t have to.

The next instant cool down trick will stop your ejaculation. But you will still orgasm.

There is a point midway between your balls and your anus. As you start to climax press this point firmly and continue holding it all the way through your orgasm. You will fell some very strong contractions. Keep holding this point until they have finished.

If you get the right point will not physically ejaculate. It’s best to practice this on your own once or twice first, but DO NOT overuse it.

Important: This method should be saved for emergencies only as a last line of defense.

I teach 10 full instant cool down methods in my Ejaculation Freedom training program. The others are a lot more powerful but they have to be done the right way, and need to be combined with some of the other training methods.

If you are one of the guys who decide to download my full training program you won’t need to use these hacks after the first week because you will develop more powerful methods of control.

2. How To Develop The Right Mindset


Some people will try to tell you that if you have trouble lasting in bed, it’s just a mental dilemma and that this is all in your head.

I AM NOT one of them.

The more guys I work with and the more research I do it becomes increasingly apparent that premature ejaculation is mostly physical in nature. And that’s a big part of why the physical training techniques I teach are so effective.

That said, there’s no denying that mental factors play a role. They do. And it’s an important pillar to get right if you want to last longer.

This is because if you fail to regulate your thoughts, perceptions and mental focus both before and during sex, they can start subconsciously sabotaging your efforts to maintain control.

Ways To Improve Your Sexual Mindset:

  • Lighten up – Know that it’s not the end of the world should you ejaculate early during sex. Keep it in perspective
  • Talk to your partner – This is really tough for a lot of guys at first. but lets face it. If you can’t last in bed, your partner is going know about it.  Women will only get upset and start looking elsewhere if they think you don’t care. Let her know that you are making an effort
  • Focus on her (not you) – Stop focusing on yourself and your performance. Just about all guys who can’t last in bed do this. Focus on your partner. Give her 100%. One practical way to help with this is to caress your partner with your hands all over and really focus in on how it feels. Her back, her legs, her hair. Not just the sexual areas. Everywhere.
  • Stop The mental chatter and doubt –  End that chatter and doubt inside your head before and during sex. stop thinking about those “what-ifs”.
  • Make your choice to improve – Stop believing that this is something you are stuck with. Make the choice to improve and take action today!

In the full program I run through a complete checklist of practical and surprisingly easy actions you can take to flip the script and get your thoughts working for you, instead of against.

But by far the best way to improve your mental game is this…

Learn the physical skills of ejaculation control

Mindset will only take you so far. Without the physical skills, confidence alone wont help.

This is true for sport, for work and life in general. And it’s exactly the same with learning how to last longer in bed. It’s a skill you can improve through technique, understanding and training. Once you develop these skills, an aura of confidence will naturally follow.

3. Anchor Your Breathing

Start lasting longer with the correct breathing techniques

If you’re not breathing the right way during sex you will struggle to last in bed. It’s as simple as that.

Now most guys who cant last in bed get this wrong. But it’s easy to learn how to breath correctly. And it can make a difference straight away.

Breathing the right way relaxes your muscles. Removing the tension that would otherwise start working its way down to your pelvic area.

The trick is to develop the habit of deep breathing before sex has even begun. Picture this as you laying down a solid foundation to the performance in bed you will soon be giving.

How To Breath During Sex

Diaphragmatic breathing will help you last longer in bed naturally

  1. Breath in through your nose steadily and deeply for 15 seconds. Visualize the air being pulled deep within, and not just your lungs. Don’t tense your muscles.
  2. Hold for 3 seconds.
  3. Breath out evenly and steadily through your mouth 20 seconds. Don’t rush it. Try to visualize yourself breathing out tension, from deep within your core.

Your ejaculations are always caused by involuntary muscular tension and our goal with everything we will do will be to reduce and control that tension during each stage of sexual arousal. Using the correct breathing methods starts us out on the right foot.

For the guys doing the full program, you’ll get 3 separate breathing techniques to use before and during sex plus a more powerful one that will cool your system fast. We’ll also be learning more advanced methods using meditative and visualization techniques.

4. How To Read Your Sexual Responses And Take Action


I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but your body is on your side. It wants you to succeed. To take control and last longer in bed. It really does, which is why it sends you a range of direct signals every time you have sex. The problem is most guys (and I’m betting you’re one of them) totally misinterpret them.

It’s not rocket science to listen to these signals. In fact it’s flat out simple. And in this part of the training program I’ll show you exactly what to look for.

5. Ejaculatory Training and Conditioning.


The methods I’ve covered so far will no doubt help you, but to really develop your staying power you are going to have to do some physical training.

Do you know what the physical mechanism of ejaculation is? If you are like most of the guys I coach you probably have no idea.

It’s pretty simple actually. In fact it’s just the one muscle group that is responsible for triggering and propelling ejaculation. They are your PC muscles and next we’ll learn how to control them.

This is important stuff, because when these muscles are in a relaxed state it is literally impossible to ejaculate.

It sounds simple. Just make sure not to tense theses muscles.  But unfortunately this is one of the hardest muscles to in your body to control, but it CAN be done.


The stop and start technique, the squeeze method and traditional “edging” have been around for a while now and they are what most sex counselors and books will teach you. While they are better than nothing, for my clients this just wasn’t good enough.

That’s why after a lot of research and trial and error I have developed a range of much more powerful methods. These advanced edging techniques allow you to build up more and more resistance to intense stimulation without any stopping and starting.

I go through 8 separate advanced edging techniques in the full Ejaculation Freedom program  and you will work your way through them as your control gets better and better.  If you can’t afford to purchase my complete training program (it’s very cheap by the way) contact me here with a short note and I’ll make sure you get a copy of these techniques.


A lot of less in formed people and information you find online tell men to do kegels training to last longer in bed. But the standard kegels they recommend generally won’t help you last longer and can even make your problem worse.

Kegels are great at strengthening your PC muscles. They are not so good at improving the control you have over these muscles. And there is a BIG difference.

That’s because lasting longer in bed is all about control, not strength. And it’s the tensing and flexing of these muscles that is the physical trigger of ejaculation. So the last thing you want to be doing is strengthening it without boosting your control.

That’s what standard kegels do, and it’s why I advise against training using the traditional version. It’s also why I’ve developed a safe and much more effective type of kegel exercise. Stamina Kegels.

What Are Stamina Kegels?

Rather than focusing on force, Stamina Kegels train your ability to release tension from your PC muscles.

The trick is to really focus on isolating that muscle and controlling it without flexing any of the surrounding areas. You’ll find that it’s more mentally tiring than it is physically.

The good news is that it doesn’t take long to build the muscle memory, so after just a week of daily 5 minute training sessions you should be able to relax your PC Muscle on call.

Note: Be very careful following random advice on how to last longer in bed from places like Reddit, Yahoo Answers and online sources about these training methods. From what I’ve seen I can tell you that 95% of it is incorrect. Some of it, especially regarding Kegels and Edging can actually make your problem worse.

6. Last longer in bed with the right sexual techniques and tactics


I’m sure you have noticed that some sexual positions you use will cause you to ejaculate sooner than others. Most guys assume that this is due to the way their penis is being stimulated, but there’s much more to it than that.

You see, some positions require more muscular tension (both voluntary and involuntary) than others. And It’s these positions that will make most men ejaculate sooner.

This is because this excess tensions will travel through your body, straight to your pelvic area and ejaculatory muscles. Most guys don’t even notice it’s happening until it’s too late, but it’s a huge factor.

The good thing is though, that it’s easy to make some small adjustments to prevent this from happening.

There’s also some specific sexual techniques you can learn and switch to at certain times. In the program I’ll show you three of these key techniques and the great thing about them is that they allow you to continue sex while cooling your system, but at the same time stimulate your partner in a way that she will love.

Note: I never encourage men to stop and start during sex. Women hate it and it leads to the wrong type of mindset. You’ll be able to use these techniques instead.

Note: I’ve decided against describing these positions in detail here as I’d like to keep this site on topic, and to describe these positions and techniques you really do need to get somewhat explicit.

You can get the full details and instructions for these positions in the Ejaculation Freedom training program or if you are unable to complete the course for whatever reason contact me here with a note and I’ll send you a copy.

7. Achieving Flow And Start Lasting As Long As You Choose


Now when I first explain this section of the training to my clients most of them just don’t get to start with.

It can even seem counter-intuitive.

But as the thousands of guys who have completed the ejaculation freedom program soon realize… this is the most powerful skill to have.

This is all about getting yourself “in the zone”. It’s a state of mind where you stop worrying. Your muscles relax and you stop thinking about the clock. Your mind goes from thinking about all those “what ifs” to focus fully on the beautiful woman you are with. It’s how sex is supposed to be, and I’ll show you how to put yourself in this state every time.

This all may sound a bit spiritual at first, but this is based on real science and what’s more, there’s a step-by-step method which you can follow to reach it.

If you are working through the full training program, at this stage you will have already built up your lasting time significantly. And this is where you will go from lasting 15 minutes, to taking full control and lasting as long as you choose every single time. This is Ejaculation Freedom. It’s a great feeling and you’re going to love it.

Lets sum up what we have learned…

Ways To Last Longer In Bed:

Whether you experience sever premature ejaculation, or would just like to delay your climax and last longer during intercourse here’s what you should do:

  • Breath Correctly: Take deep natural breaths both before and during intercourse
  • Relax your muscles:  Avoid tensing your muscles as this tension will quickly travel to your ejaculatory region and cause premature ejaculation.
  • Learn Instant Cool-Down Techniques:  That help to force your arousal levels down and bring you back from the point of no return.
  • Avoid Stress: Talking to your partner can be a great way to take the pressure off and eliminate performance anxiety.
  • Sexual Techniques: Learn a range of sexual techniques that help you delay ejaculation without stopping so you can continue to stimulate your partner.
  • Premature Ejaculation Exercises: Train you ejaculatory system to withstand stimulating with a targeted training program.
  • Read your sexual response: Learn how to read the messages your body is sending you during intercourse so you can take quick action.
  • Get In The Zone: An advanced method and mental focus technique that takes your mind off the clock lets you stay in control during hard, pounding sexual sessions

Want To Start Learning These Advanced Techniques Right Now?

Most women need a solid 15 minutes of sex to reach orgasm. And you should be aiming for that as a minimum. It may seem like a lot now, but all guys can get there. And if you want to learn exactly how – keep reading…

Here’s just some of what you’ll get in the full Ejaculation Freedom advanced training program:

Learn How To Stop Premature Ejaculation With The Ejaculation Freedom course PDF

  • A Step-by-step ejaculatory muscle training system
  • Advanced Instant cool-down hacks that turn back the clock fast
  • A complete work out guide so you can track your improvements
  • Powerful visualization and meditative techniques to put you in complete control
  • The keys to reducing core muscular tension before it reaches your ejaculatory muscles
  • 3 key breathing techniques to use before and during sex, plus another to cool your system instantly
  • How to reprogram your thoughts and perceptions to stop them sabotaging your efforts and get them working for you
  • My specially devised set of “stamina kegels” exercises which allow you to relax your ejaculatory muscles on call
  • A checklist of common things most guys do that sabotage their chances of lasting – you’re probably doing most of these now
  • Learn superior sexual positions that keep you in control and send her wild – no more of that stopping and starting business which women hate
  • An extremely powerful way to put your self “in the zone” every time – This is the key to those hard pounding sessions that women crave and that you have probably been missing out on.
  • learn why every guy (no matter how bad it is now) can develop full ejaculation control which means you can last as long as you choose – every time.
  • and much, much more…

Download Your Copy Of Ejaculation Freedom Right Now And Put An End To Disappointing Sex Once And For All…

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Thanks for joining me and I hope that after reading this you will have a much better understanding of how your ejaculatory system works and the many ways that you can train yourself to last longer in bed.

It’s not easy being a guy who can’t last in bed. Many guys are so ashamed that they just give up. But the fact that you’re here and have read this far shows that you’re not that kind of man.

It also tells me that you are exactly the type of guy that these techniques and methods  are going to work for.

Now let me hold up my end of the deal. I have total faith in my Ejaculation Freedom program. I’ve seen it work for thousands of men already and know that if you are able to follow the straightforward, step by step methods I lay out, that it will be just as effective for you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dan Becket



If you have any comments or questions about what we have covered you can leave a comment bellow (you can comment anonymously). Alternatively you can contact me via email here. You can also check out more details on the full program here. Good luck with it! – Dan

Dan Becket
Dan Becket

Dan Becket is an award winning researcher, coach and author on premature ejaculation and it’s prevention. Along with assisting his private clients improve their sexual performance he is the creator of Ejaculation Freedom – The worlds number 1 premature ejaculation training program